About Us

HİDROTİM DEFENCE was established in 2011 and has achieved significant success with its wide perspective including manufacturing, R&D machine design and production has thrown.

We strengthen both our design and production team in order to better meet the demands of our customers and to respond to their needs quickly. Our productions and designs are carried out in accordance with the quality management system.

The machines and equipment that we produce in our company for the defense industry are systematically used by our customers. Our projects are designed and put into production in accordance with the wishes and needs of our customers. The satisfaction of our customers is one of our basic principles.

Different countries are also served with our production and designs. 30% of our products are exported to countries such as Georgia, Germany, Iraq, France, Kuwait and England.

Why choose us

Delivery on

Trust is the best way to keep trust.

We serve it…


Service is an invisible sign of caring.

Our relationship with our customers starts not only in sales, but also in technical service after the sale of our existing machines.


There is still much to discover…

Constantly designing and developing new products and, at the same time, renewing existing ones: this is the key to our success and never ends…

Our Policy

  • To adopt the principle of being honest no matter what the circumstances.
  • To be straightforward, transparent, and sincere in all matters and to be able to maintain this communication with our customers too.
  • How we manage the process if our customers encounter a problem;
    • Listening to them first,
    • Taking a step to provide solution quickly,
    • After resolving the problem, when everything returns to normal, finding out from where or whom, the problem is resulted.
  • Warranty periods on our products are set to complete official procedures. Our perspective of guarantee is about to continue the contact, relationship and assistance also after this period.
    All the principles written above are the common ground of our company and our team. They are all rules that we express by feeling inside. You can understand the accuracy of this when you work with us.